Environment friendly clays minerals

Environment Friendly Clays Minerals
  • Seller Shanghai Hengyuan Macromolecular Materials Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 2000 Bag/Bags
  • FOB Price US $0.1-0.2 /Bag

Item Details

Port: Shanghai
Supply Ability: 50 Ton/Tons per Month
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

Product Description

mineral desiccant

1) Characteristics

Composed of several natural minerals, non-toxic, and environment friendly.

Absolute absorption rate is up to 50% of its weight. (25oC, RH=100%)

2) Quality Standard

Moisture absorption rate: >40%

Loss on drying <2.5%

bulk density 0.75-0.95g/ml

Period of validity: 18 months

3) Ingredient of natural mineral





Weight percent(%) 65.63 8.83 5.87 8.75 0.49

4) Specification and packing

We provide different Spe inner packing and outter packing accroding to customer-built.

General packing material

inner packing is plastic bag

outter packing is carton with lining PE plastic bag(45cm×35cm×36cm)

5) Typical Application

Consumer Products(wardrobe, bedding, shoes and so on)
Semiconductor, accurate apparatus, electron appliances, optics equipment, household electrical appliances
Steel Industry
Food Industry
oversea shipment containers

6) Moisture Adsorption Data (choose typical sample)

Adsorption Rate of Mineral Desiccant and Silica Gel(T=25)

Product Name RH=20 RH=50 RH=90
Silica Gel% 9.0 25.0 35.3
Mineral Desiccant% 14.2 31.0 49.5

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