Serial Number Marking Metal Machine for Plate

Serial Number Marking Metal Machine For
  • Seller Chongqing Huapu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 1 Set/Sets Serial Number Marking Metal Machine for Metal Plate
  • FOB Price US $1000-10000 /Set

Item Details

Port: Shanghai Port
Supply Ability: 500 Set/Sets per Year Serial Number Marking Metal Machine for Metal Plate
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,OA

Product Description

Serial Number Marking Metal Machine for Metal Plate

2012 Hot Sale Versatile Benchtop Metal Dot Peen Marking Machine is widely used in mechanical, motrycycle, auotomotive, aerospac industries.

Brief View

  • Versatile Benchtop Dot Peen Markers which be designed and produced by HuaPu. NHPCS-1 is extremely flexible and can easily be adapted to a wide variety of component shapes and dimensions. Height position is adjustable either manually or with an automatic Z axis.
  • Most of our stylus pin marking machines is based on electromagnetic or pneumatic technology. We also offer high speed marking and deep engraving equipment using pneumatic dot peen system.
  • Dot Peen marking equipment, often referred to as pin stamp marking, is a permanent, direct part marking process using a carbide pin to indent the marking surface to form dotted lines, logos and 2D Data Matrix bar codes.
  • Programming the dot peen marking equipment via a system controller allows for part traceability information such as date/time stamping, part serialization and operator identification to be easily marked on your parts. The controller can operate either in a stand-alone capacity (no PC required) or can be easily integrated into a factory automation environment. HuaPu’s dot peen markers are capable of marking on a wide range of substrates from plastic to hardened steel up to 60HRC.

Technical Specification

  • Std. Marking Window(Area): 110x80mm
  • Optional Marking Area: 150x80mm ,150x150mm, 200x80mm, 200x200mm, 300x300mm
  • Stylus Pin Hardness: HRA92/HRA93
  • Marking Speed: 1 to 5 pint/s
  • Stroke Frequency: 300times/s
  • Std. Character Sizes: 0.15mm-99.9mm in increments of 0.15mm.
  • Repeated Accuracy: less than 0.001mm
  • Marking Depth: 0.01to 0.5mm (Vary to the material)
  • Marking Content: Alphanumeric info, Data Matrix or dot matrix 2D codes, Shift codes, Barcode, Serial Number, Date, Time, Letter, Figure, Logo, Graphics and etc.
  • Electrical Supply: AC 110V 60HZ or AC220V 50HZ
  • Compressed Air( Pneumatic Air): 0.2-0.6Mpa
  • Humidity: 0-90% (Non-condensing)
  • Temperature: From 0 to 40 Centigrade Degree.


Rigid column, high accuracy, fully programmable, electromagnetic or pneumatic dot peen marking machine.

  • Energy: Pneumatic or electromagnetic
  • User-friendly & Multi-languages
  • Air filter for filtering the impurities to guarantee the air pressure.
  • Date matrix reader: Collect your data, mark, barcodes and datamatrix reading marking.
  • Integrated marking software: Easily create file and save it, wizard to create special text.
  • Enhanced preview on a LCD screen. Connection to a large database for report printing.
  • Adaptable for harsh environment. Robust marking machines need a little maintenance.
  • Expandable modular:Various fixtures (plate holder, rotary device, magnetic clamping et) to make your parts marking flexibly and easily.
  • Offers various servicing kits, depending on your requirements and the way you use it.

Marking Content

  • Any character size 0.5 mm to 100 mm
  • Serial number (value, tee, elbow, batch, shift)
  • 4 fonts
  • Arabic numerals
  • Alphanumeric (Figure& Letter)
  • Graphics
  • VIN code
  • Time variables (year, month, week, day, shift)
  • Date
  • Barcodes & Reading
  • Ticket number
  • Date Matrix/2D codes/ Matrix size: 5 x 7, 9 x 13 and continuous line
  • Logos marking
  • Special symbols
  • Database connection marking and etc.

The Product Details

Option Item

  • Software under windows
  • 1D or 2D codes reader
  • Customized clamping systems
  • Hook for balancer, Portable Cart
  • Extended maintenance kit
  • Module for position the marker head. Some of the models to be listed below

Markers vary from size to color

Displayed here is a selection of just some of the pneumatic markers that we have produced in the past. This is a mere fraction of the production we have done in the past and is meant to give a brief introduction to our range of capabilities and experience. If you require a product you do not see here, please do contact us as this is just an example of our product and we can do so much more!


This sort of dot peen pin marking machine to be used in Automotive, Electrical& Electronics, Mechanical, Metallurgy, Lock&Keys, Medical, Motorcycle, Nuclear, Oil & Gas products or asseblies. Any products releated to these fileds could be marked effeciently and convinently by our marking engraving machine.

  • Direct Part Marking (DPM)

-- is a process to permanently mark parts with a barcode. This is done to allow the tracking of parts through the full life cycle.

-- DPM is often used by automotive, aerospace, and electronic manufacturers to facilitate a reliable identification of their parts. This can assist in data logging for safety, warranty issues and satisfy regulatory requirements. Also the United States Department of Defense demands a physical mark on tangible assets in conjunction with the Item Unique Identification.

  • Compliance Marking
  • DataMatrix Coding
  • VIN Coding
  • Programmable Marking
  • Component Identification
  • Component Traceability
  • Serial Numbering
  • Lot Numbering
  • Stock Products Numbering
  • Steel Stock Marking Engraving: Staineless steel, wild steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and etc. products, Such like, steel ball, steel-case, steel-cast parts, steel-clad arms, steel-cored and encased parts, steel-plated parts, steel-work...
  • Metal--Aluminum/steel/copper and etc. Plate, Tag, label and Pipe Marking
  • Cast and Forge Marking
  • Logo Marking
  • Security Marking
  • Health & Safety Appliance Marking
  • Certification Marking
  • Time & Date Marking
  • Part or Equipment Numbering
  • Batch & Shift Coding
  • Calibration Marking
  • Various Metal Label Marking
  • Metal Sheet Embossing

Our Clients

HuaPu has already cooperated with our domestic and overseas customers since 1995. More and more clicents select our marking machines as their products identification. Hope You will be one of us!

Brief View of HuaPu Factory

  • Huapu's Faith: People-oriented, science and technology enterprises, honesty first, pragmatic innovation. We provide you with the highest quality products and the most satisfactory services.
  • We are the manufacturer not the retailers, our price are more competitive.
  • With a history of over decades experiences in designing&manufacturing professional marking machines.

Pacakge & Delivery

Normally, we packing our machine with wooden cases. If you have special requirements, please mention that in advance. Theree main packing methond:

  • Domestic packing for Chinese market.
  • Woodencase with waterproofing felt in side airplane transportation & ocean transport.
  • Carton pacaking with PE foam inside for courier express.

Return and Feedback

  • We can provide the main component for each marking machine, because we do not have the maintenance department at overseas . You can send back the problem spare parts to maintenance or replacement the new spare parts for your marker.
  • We depend on our domestic reputation and customer satisfaction to succeed. Therefore, your feedback is extremely important to us.

After-sales Service

  • 3 years guarantee for product quality. (People damaged is charged).
  • Lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply.
  • Free design of fixtures as customers required.
  • Free training for machines installation and operation of the staffs.
  • Free samples marking of customer provided.


DBG-2 Name Marker